About Me

I’m Kate, a self-confessed tea and tech addict with a passion for helping small and medium businesses achieve value for money from their Facebook and Google Advertising.

It’s important to me that we get to know each other before we work together. I don’t mean what you like for supper; I mean I want to understand your ‘why.’ Why you love what you do and your goals for your business. 

Getting to understand your business

At the start of any communication process, before any complexities of media are explored, we need to understand a bit about you and your business.

So we’ll start the journey with a chat and an onboarding questionnaire to help you fill me in on the details, such as:

What it is your business is trying to communicate, whether this is part of an ongoing brand development strategy or a shorter-term tactical activity.

Who are your current customers and whether your business wants to attract more purchases from the current customers, purchases from a wider customer base, of the same type, or a new market audience.

The media the target audience is currently being exposed and is absorbing with greatest effect.

The design of the message which needs to be consistent with all other previous and current forms of communication used by the business. This often highlights a lack of consistency in communication activity which will naturally lessen the impact of any marketing activity on the target audience given the lack of a clear identity.

There is so much more to discuss which helps the owner of a small business stand back a little and fully reflect upon what it is they want to achieve and how they should achieve it, either using the advice I can give or the specialist service I and my co-workers can provide.