Photo of specialist bike - Cycling Instest

Creating Interest Based Audiences

What’s your thing? 

Your passion? Your favourite pastime?

This is my son’s new bike. A lot of research goes into buying a new bike like this. It’s not your everyday type of bike – which you’ll know if cycling is your thing. 😉 🚴‍♂️

So what❓

Well, Facebook and Google know it’s your thing too. They know what interests you and what you’re reading about. They know which Facebook groups you’re in and where you interact with information, where you pause to read a post and what that post is about. 

If they know about you then they also know all about your perfect customers. Get what I’m saying?

As a marketeer that is oh so helpful. It allows us to build targeting audiences; interest based audiences. This can be absolute gold. 🌟

An interest based audience is a ‘cold’ audience made up with people interested in what you have to offer. When we start combining interests and layering interests we can discover different ways to reach your customers. 

The beauty of building different audiences is that it allows us to test them against each other.

What are we testing?

We’re testing to:
♦️see who responds
♦️who clicks on the ad to read more
♦️who clicks on the link to Shop Now
♦️who looks at content i.e. products on your website 
♦️who adds them to the cart
♦️who buys the bike (in this example)

When we test we can discover new potential customers for your products and the most economical ways of reaching them.

We build up a picture, a profile of your customer. If they’re interested in bikes, like this, there will be other things they’re interested in too. A certain brand of clothing maybe or a certain magazine. 

Building a comprehensive profile of your customers is one of the first steps to complete when you’re wanting to start advertising or using social media. You need to know exactly who it is you are talking to.

Get that right and you are off to a really good start.

If you’ve got any questions, get in touch. 🙂