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Hello, I’m Kate.

I love helping the owners of small and medium product based businesses to increase their sales online.

I can help you reach your customers by taking advantage of cost effective, measurable, high performing social media ads.

Your Ads Set Up and Fully Managed For You

Learn a little more about me and discover why it’s important to me that I can get to know your business.

Set Up then Self Manage Your Ads

Let’s take a look at the ways in which I can help you reach your ideal customers and get your ads working for you.

Audience Building

Two laptops open and ready to do some training in social media advertising

Learn how to put together high performing social media ads and what to watch while they’re running.

A helping hand

Facebook and Instagram Ads are often described as a ‘dark art’ and it’s true that both Business Manager and Ads Manager can make things appear complicated. Things keep moving around for a start as the Facebook interface is updated.

However, I’d like to help simplify things for you and remove some of the mystery.  I’d like to help you make the most of the advanced targeting that is available to your business. The targeting that will ultimately help you to find your audience and increase your sales and visibility.

Facebook and Instagram Ads can be an incredibly cost effective way of advertising your business and products, especially when you know how and when to optimise your campaigns and how to test and build different audiences whilst using the algorithm to your advantage.

So, let’s build on the hard work you’ve already started with your organic social media activity and help you to reach others that are also interested in what you do. Let’s build on your brand awareness and start generating the leads and sales that you desire.

A brief introduction to my background

Originally from a design and print background, since 2003 I have managed the marketing side of our own family start-up businesses. Initially involving press advertising, POS and mailer design, before moving into the digital world of website design and build, email marketing, internet advertising, social media communication and social media advertising.

As all small business owners will know; you have to understand a bit about pretty much everything! I have been exposed to the pressures faced by small business owners and I can assure you that I value every £1 of a client’s budget.

Digital advertising is a fast-moving sector; whatever you are learning today is evolving tomorrow. I have invested in training by one of the top Facebook Advertising Strategists and I invest in training on an ongoing basis to ensure that I can help you take advantage of the opportunities available and get the best out of your advertising budget.

It’s very tempting to just hit the boost button, after all Facebook is regularly inviting us to, but there could be better ways to invest your money and to get a better return on your advertising spend (ROAS).

What others have said...

“Our company was very guilty by not engaging with social media as we should. So, we decided to get Kate on board. We have never looked back. The best decision we have ever made. Kate is easy to talk to and discuss strategies with, since we handed over our Facebook and Instagram accounts to her we have had a HUGE increase in traffic on our website, her posts are engaging and the ad campaigns are converting very well. I would not hesitate to recommend Kate to anyone looking to promote their business through Social Media.”

Tracy, Wovenhill Ltd

“Aware of so many other businesses using social media advertising I thought it was time we did the same. With a background in marketing I thought I understood what I was doing, but to my frustration I was getting very little response from my activity and investment. I sat down with Kate, more for educational purposes as I had planned to do the social media advertising myself, only to realise the time required to properly understand this ever-moving specialist area of marketing. I therefore asked Kate to take care of this element of the marketing mix for me. Being able to target my customer audience so accurately and knowing what is landing, has been quite a revelation. I have increasingly eased my spend away from press and direct mail activity, where I would have to put a timed discount in place in order to establish impact (all very expensive), and instead invested this saving in social media advertising where I know the impact it is making.”

Dale, Molemi Ltd

“Kate is excellent. She has managed to pull out of me what I do and present my company in a dynamic and energetic way. I’m not the best communicator but Kate has the knack. Highly recommend her, she has the patience of a saint.”

Phil, Franklin-Vale Ltd

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