Facebook and Instagram advertising is all about testing, observing, optimising and ultimately scaling.

Unless you have had the Facebook Pixel correctly installed and have been running Facebook advertising campaigns for some time, you will need to allow for a period of learning and testing. Ideally you would run a campaign for at least 3 months to allow for this and to increase the possibility of a profitable return – the end to which I will be striving to achieve for you. 

This involves keeping a close eye on what is happening; checking in daily and sometimes more than once. I love nothing more than a logic problem and analysing the results of Ads as they run is really just that. Knowing what to adjust and when is part of the skill. You’re not only getting my expertise but the knowledge that’s available to me through being a part of one of the world’s most knowledgeable group of Facebook Advertising experts when you decide to work with me. 

It’s through optimising as we learn about your audiences and what resonates with them in the way of creatives and copy, that your returns on investment will increase. Although, of course, I can’t guarantee success or predict 100% accurately the outcome, I can highlight highlight possible issues whether I feel they are to do with the Ads themselves or the website or landing page to which we are running ads.

I will invest your budget with care; as if it were my own. One of the other huge benefits of Facebook & Instagram Ads is that if something just isn’t resonating we can stop it from running and spending your money. Immediately. You can’t do that with traditional print advertising!

Work With Me

  • Fully Managed Service
    One off campaign or on a retainer basis
  • Support
    A nurture package to have help by your side whilst you get your ads running
  • Training
    1:1 sessions bespoke to your needs.

So where will we start?

Before you start running your Facebook Ads it's a really good idea to map out your goals - what you are trying to achieve.

Having clear objectives will allow you to choose the type of campaign that is best going to achieve your goal.

The different campaign types use different parts of the Facebook algorithm and need different levels of investment to get the best results from them.

If the sale is for a higher value product or it's new to the market, you may be looking at running a two or three stage funnel using more than one campaign objective. 

Your budget will be determined by your goal and influenced by a number of factors including the campaign delivery chosen, the quality of your audiences, the product value and website experience.

This is something we will discuss before we start working on the ads. 

The payments for the advertising spend are made directly to Facebook via you payment settings in Facebook Business Manager.​

Like all your social media marketing you need to have a clear idea of the audience that you are trying to reach/target. 

The better you know your audience then the better your ad creatives, copy and targeting can be because you can aim it to call out to your audience.

You may have the Facebook Base Pixel installed on your website already but before you start running ads to your website we need to make sure, for your ecommerce website, that you also have Standard Events set up too.

We also need to test it to ensure it is firing correctly and collecting useful data.

We are going to want to test a few different ad creatives to see what really captures the attention of your audience.

This could include videos, single images or user generated content (with permission).

Ultimately, you're going to be wanting Purchases but it will depend on a few things whether or not that is the first objective used.

Often we will use a number of different campaign objectives to get the best value out of your investment in ads.

Running ads well takes time. I'll be checking in daily to watch what is happening with interactions made with your ads.

Over time I will be optimising, and where possible scaling, them to get results within your budget.​

Before my in depth training I thought I was doing a pretty good job with ads that I was running. Since my training started and from what I’ve learnt subsequently the following saying is so true.

“You don’t know what you don’t know.”

Advertising Costs Guide

Facebook and Instagram Ad Spend
(payable directly to Facebook)

A small campaign might start from around £300-£600 per month depending on the objective you have. (Ideally £600 as a minimum).

Campaigns that involve a sales funnel involve a much higher investment due the need to run a series of ads – in the region of £1500 per month. 

Ads Management Charges
(my charges)

Campaigns are built bespoke for your business and therefore the charges differ from client to client dependent on the level of work involved and the objectives you would like to achieve.

As a guide my management charges start from £650 per month.

If your advertising budget doesn’t quite extend to having your Ads managed why not take a look at my Learn With Me options?