Learn With Me

If your budget doesn’t quite run to having your Facebook & Instagram Ads managed for you (yet) then maybe an option for you would be to take advantage of learning with me instead.

There are several options available and I’m happy to talk to you about your needs and advise you on which option might suit you best.

There are a couple of ways you can learn with me

Whether you decide you need one or three hours, your time will be spent learning about the areas you decide that you need. Before we meet, I’ll ask you to complete a short questionnaire which will ask you some basic questions about your current level of knowledge and what areas you are needing a little help with. This will mean that I can ensure we cover all the areas you need help with. If I feel you will need more time than you have requested I will let you know. 

What is important is that you come away with the tools and knowledge to get the best out of your campaigns. An expert eye on your campaigns and results so far.

What are the benefits of learning with me?

Explore the information in the boxes below – they might give you some ideas about what you’d like to learn a bit more about.

Choosing Your Campaign Objective

I want to tell people about a new product I'm launching, which campaign should I use?

I want to see more products, how can I target potential purchasers?

High Performing Ads

What makes good copy for an Ad?

What should I avoid doing?

What type of creatives, photos/videos, should I use?


Business Manager

Do I need Business Manager?

Where do I find Ads Manager?

How do I add other users to help me?


Tracking Results

My campaign is running, now what?

My campaign is not feeding out very well, why?

What do good results look like?

The Facebook Pixel

So what is the Facebook Pixel and what does it do for me?

How do I get one and how do I install it?

How do I ensure it is set up correctly?

Building Audiences

What types of audiences can I build?

What are the benefits of building different types of audiences?

Nurture Package

Three Hours
One hour 1:1 followed, by 4 x 30 minute check-ins to be used within the month.

Let me ‘hold your hand’ as you set up your Business manager, build your Ad and get things up and running and gaining results.

Bespoke to you we can problem solve any issues you’re having and and talk about your ads going forwards.


Power Hour

One Hour
An hour long 1:1 training session via Zoom with you to explore an area of your choice.

You know what you’re finding tricky and this is your chance to ask your questions.

There may be a specific area/topic that you’d like some help with or you may need a trouble shooting session to look at how your campaign is running.

£97 (per person)

Two laptops open and ready to do some training in social media advertising
Quotation Mark

Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.
– Henry Ford

Your training will be delivered remotely using Zoom at a pre-arranged time that is convenient to us both.